When do Dentists Recommend Oral Appliances?

Posted on: February 2, 2019

Oral appliances have grown in popularity over time. They allow for a person to get better sleep throughout the night by providing an upper open airway. While the term “oral appliances” may actually be new to some, it is good to know what oral appliances are and when a dental professional may recommend them.

Oral appliances are simply that of a mouthguard or an orthodontic retainer. They are custom-made to fit perfectly into each person’s mouth. These oral appliances are used in order to help with snoring and OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). It has been said that wearing an oral appliance helps restore a person’s health as well as improves their sleeping patterns.

It is important to realize that not everyone is advised to have and wear an oral appliance. A medical or dental professional must thoroughly examine and screen a person in order for them to be prescribed an oral appliance. Today, we will discuss when a medical or dental professional is likely to recommend an oral appliance.

When are oral appliances recommended?


If and when a person is snoring constantly throughout their sleep, it may present a whole host of problems ranging from breathing difficulties to interrupted sleeping patterns. Snoring isn’t just irritating for the person that sleeps next to a snorer, it can also create further complications within one’s health later on down the line.

A dental or medical professional may recommend that an oral appliance is used for treatment because they can allow for a person to breathe differently when they are sleeping. If the person has a sleep physician then they are typically brought in as well to work closely with the doctor or dentist to determine the best type of oral appliance to be used.

OSA – Obstructive sleep apnea

Just like with snoring, if a person has interrupted sleep throughout the night, it may often be an effect of poor breathing patterns or tension within the area of the mouth and jaw. OSA can poorly affect someones ability to sleep throughout the night so in this case, a medical or dental professional may recommend that an oral appliance is necessary for treatment.

When a person struggles with OSA, they often are unable to relax at night. Their jaw or parts of their mouth may be tense causing stress and an inability to sleep. With the use of an oral appliance, a person is able to relax their jaw at night and relieve it of any tension that might be existing. The oral appliance allows for a person to breathe better each night as well as relax their jaw muscles.


Oral appliances may not be for everyone, but they are worth trying out. They can provide an array of benefits to someone that may be struggling with sleep apnea problems or breathing problems that cause snoring. While a thorough examination is required to have oral appliance treatment, it can be worth it in the end. It has been said that people feel restored after sleeping through the night with an oral appliance. It’s best to consult with a medical or dental professional about oral appliances.

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