What Does It Mean To Have Your Dentures Relined?

Posted on: April 16, 2018

Dentures have the potential to become less comfortable as time progresses, causing the need for a denture reline.  Give your dentures long enough and they will likely fit a little less comfortable than when first made. If this occurs, it is time for a denture reline.

Denture Relining

Soft Denture Relining

Denture relining is an affordable and straightforward means of reshaping the denture's underside to enhance comfort as it rests against the gums.  Denture relines are either soft or hard. A soft denture reline is the most comfortable option. This is especially true for those who just begin wearing dentures and have bone resorption occurring at a rapid rate.

A soft reline is also ideal for those who have gum tissue that is sensitive to the feel and weight of the denture. A soft reline takes place in the office by layering a liquid polymer right into the denture to provide cushion and depth.  This is a fast procedure that allows for a perfectly comfortable fit.

The primary advantage to receiving a soft reline chairside is the speed at which the dentist can complete the denture.  If the soft reline takes place in a laboratory, you will be without the denture for the duration of the reline. It is important to note some denture relines require frequent fine-tuning since they are fairly porous and soft.  If you have any concerns about these potential flaws, consider the merits of a hard denture reline.

Hard Denture Relines

A hard denture reline reshapes your denture just like a soft reline. However, the reshaping uses a material similar to the hardened denture base. The end result is a permanent reline that proves useful several years longer than a soft reline. Hard denture relines can take place in a lab or chairside.

Some dentists prefer for it to be sent out as complications can occur in terms of material heat transfer and fit.  Just like soft denture relines that you send to a laboratory, you will no longer have your dentures for the amount of time it takes to perform the adjustment.

Temporary Relines

Temporary relines are available for those who have swollen gums resulting from the use of dentures for a lengthy period of time.  This reline will take place before the hard reline. It is also possible to take an impression of a brand new denture.

Additional Reasons why Denture Relines are Necessary

Aside from the gradual loosening of dentures, there are additional reasons to have denture relining performed.  As an example, a patient who loses or gains a considerable amount of weight might have also experience alterations in mouth shape.  If the mouth changes in a meaningful way, new dentures might be necessary.

If the denture moves against the gums and spurs an infection, the fit can be significantly altered and require a reline.  Furthermore, the denture can wear away and spur the need for a reline.

The frequency of Dental Relines

In general, those who wear dentures tend to receive a reline every few years. This reline frequency is necessary for the denture to properly align with the gums. If the dentist does not reline the dentures at this frequency, the denture will eventually become loose.

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