Store Bought Kits vs. Our Professional Teeth Whitening Service

Posted on: November 21, 2017

Teeth Whitening ServiceA+ Dentistry offers a professional teeth whitening service to improve the appearance of your smile. This is one of the easiest ways to help your teeth to look youthful, bright, and refreshed. Over time, it is perfectly natural for teeth to become dull and stained. Drinking things like coffee, tea, and wine can contribute to this as can eating food with soy sauce or other staining ingredients. Even natural food can stain your teeth, making it important to brush after eating, to have your teeth cleaned frequently, and to schedule a whitening procedure as necessary.

Given how easy it is to stain one’s teeth, the demand for teeth whitening products continues to increase. This has led to a variety of solutions being available in the drug store. Everything from whitening toothpaste to trays, strips, and pens are available for purchase. While they make claims of whitening the teeth, the results will differ wildly between them.

Regardless of the solution one considers trying, buying any product from a store will most likely only remove surface stains. This works well for those that have generally white teeth anyway. For everyone else, it is not as effective because a lot of the discoloration happens below the surface of the enamel.

Professional teeth whitening

When visiting our dental office, we use a professional teeth whitening solution that penetrates the enamel to target the deep stains and discoloration that is taking place inside of the tooth. This is done through the process of oxidization. This changes the molecules inside of the teeth to reflect less light and appear colorless or white.

Our teeth whitening service is incredibly effective and the patient can expect his or her teeth to whiten by eight shades or more. When compared with the results one gets from a store kit, this is truly the best solution and we highly recommend it.

store bought teeth whitening

Another concern with a store-bought kit is the risk of overexposure. A common problem with whitening is that people tend to place the solution on their teeth for too long or whiten too frequently. This overexposure can begin to erode the enamel and create tooth sensitivity. Think of it in terms of bleaching a shirt. If an individual places bleach on it for a few minutes, then the bleach lifts the stain.

If one leaves the bleach on for several hours, then he or she might get a hole in the shirt. People need to exercise even more caution when it comes to the teeth because a patient only gets one set of permanent teeth. When a patient uses our teeth whitening service, we will ensure that he or she is only using the solution as is appropriate and that there is no overexposure. This eliminates the chance of the teeth becoming unnecessarily sensitive.

Simultaneously, we will help to prevent any unnecessary discomfort by ensuring that you do not have any cavities or tooth infections. Applying a whitening solution to them could cause irritation but by examining your teeth first, we can ensure that you are healthy enough to proceed.

Teeth whitening is an excellent way to improve your appearance and your smile, but we recommend that you do so under the supervision of a dentist.

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