How to Remedy Root Canal Pain

Posted on: February 16, 2019

When people hear the words "root canal," they may immediately think of the hype that the media plays about how painful they can be. However, with recent advancements in dental technology root canals have become a common and highly beneficial procedure!

Any procedure dealing with the teeth, gums and mouth can involve some pain after everything is completed. Today we are going to look at some of the ways that someone can remedy the pain from a root canal. Keep in mind that this pain will not be excruciating and many people describe it as more of an annoyance.

How can I help with pain after a root canal?

A root canal is a procedure that gives a dentist the opportunity to go deep within and around the roots of a tooth to do a cleaning. The benefits of having this procedure done can be the difference between keeping or losing a tooth. Below we will outline some helpful things to do to ensure you are pain-free after the procedure is completed.

Over the counter pain medicine

Unless instructed by a dentist, taking some over-the-counter pain medication like ibuprofen or Tylenol can be highly beneficial. This can help with the pain along with any swelling of the gums that may occur. Because the procedure goes deep within the root of a tooth, the gums can be inflamed after the procedure. These medications can be helpful in reducing pain and swelling.

Cold or hot packs

The dentist will typically give a good rotation of cold and hot compresses that can be placed on the outside of the mouth and cheek. Doing this will help with reducing any pain that may be left from the procedure. It can also be beneficial in helping to reduce any swelling that has occurred during the procedure.

The rule of thumb is to not leave a cold or hot compress on for longer than 15 minutes at a time. However, ask the dental office and they can clarify on the best rotation and when to do it between medications that may have been prescribed by the dentist.

A liquid diet for the first 24 hours

Because of the extensive amount of work done to the tooth and surrounding gums, only consuming a liquid diet for the first 24 hours (or more following the instructions from your dentist) is vital. This will give the tooth, surrounding teeth and gums time to heal. Because chewing and eating food can be very rough on teeth and gums, only consuming liquids will be highly beneficial.

Doing this will ensure that no particles get stuck or poke where it could cause more pain. Taking this extra step to help in managing the pain after a root canal can be the difference between a pleasant or painful experience.

Have more questions?

Our office staff is always ready to answer any additional questions you may have. They can help guide you so you can be prepared with everything you need before you leave the house to have the root canal treatment completed.

Contact our office today and we can help ensure that you are prepared and ready for all aspects from start to finish of having your root canal completed.

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