Here’s Why You Should Take Your Dentures Out at Night

Posted on: May 3, 2019

Dentures are very important as they support one’s good oral health when they have lost their teeth. They are one of the more popular choices for those who are in need of a tooth replacement option and there are many types for dental patients to choose from, which means that they have options.

Missing teeth need to be replaced as soon as possible and patients who choose dentures will need to understand how to care for their dentures in order to expect optimal results.

The benefits of getting dentures

Since dentures replace missing teeth, once you choose the type of dentures that you want, your self-confidence is immediately improved. Most people tend to hide their smile when they are missing teeth and dentures will solve that problem. Missing teeth problems also often include the inability to speak clearly, which can make you feel self-conscious. Dentures allow for a full set of teeth, which means no more worries about speaking clearly.

Getting used to wearing dentures

All dental patients will go through an adjustment period when they first receive their new dentures. They need to learn how to perform everyday activities like talking and eating while wearing their new dentures. This is why wearing new dentures at home for a day or two before going out in public is suggested.

With a little patience and a little practice, all new denture wearers will feel confident when wearing their dentures and it usually takes just a few days. It is important for them to first get used to the feeling, which may feel awkward for a couple of weeks or so.

When dentures need to be removed

Dentures need to be removed after eating so that they can be rinsed with water in order to remove all food particles. The mouth should be thoroughly rinsed as well, at this time. Dentures need to removed when brushing them, which needs to be done at least twice a day.

Using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a nonabrasive toothpaste is necessary to keep the dentures clean. Dental patients should also be sure to clean their tongue, their cheeks and the roof of their mouth. It is necessary to ensure that any leftover denture adhesive on the gums is removed.

Denture wearers need to remove their dentures at night, even if they are tempted to keep them in. When dentures are not removed before someone goes to sleep, it can lead to unwanted bacteria growth, bone loss and an increase in one’s chances of being diagnosed with denture stomatitis (a condition when the gums become swollen and infected with yeast).

Have any questions about dentures?

If you are currently in need of new dentures, we want you to understand that our dental professionals will help you choose the right dentures as well as understand how to properly care for your denture choice. Every dental patient is different and therefore, requires different denture needs. This is why we will give you the individualized attention that you deserve when you are in need of dentures. If you are ready to set up a consultation appointment now, just give us a call!

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