7 Tips If You Are Nervous About Going to the Dentist

Posted on: July 16, 2018

Everyone tends to be nervous about going to the dentist at one point. Being nervous is a healthy emotion. It shows that you care about your safety and comfort. Many people are afraid that they might experience pain at the dentist. But if you avoid seeing one for too long, then you will create more issues with your oral health down the road. You will then need to see a dentist more frequently than the recommended biannual check-ups. Feeling nervous may be inevitable in the beginning, but there are strategies to help make you feel better when at the dentist.

Seven tips to feeling less nervous at the dentist

Tip #1

Try to choose a dentist who listens to all your questions and concerns. You want someone to build your trust with and who openly communicates with you. This way, you both can feel at ease. Let your dentist know that you are nervous, as they will be able to put your fears to rest.

Tip #2

Make sure to research your dentist before visiting their office. See if they have good reviews, since what other people think and their experiences tell you a lot. Listen to your gut feeling.

Tip #3

Even when you are nervous, it helps to keep your breathing regular. This will help reduce your anxiety levels and let the dentist examine your mouth with efficiency.

Tip #4

Make your appointment when the office is not too busy. You will have more one-on-one time with your dentist. If you have an early morning appointment, for example, you will feel less rushed if there are fewer people around.

Tip #5

If dental procedures scare you, distract yourself by wearing earphones and listening to calming music — the whole process will go much faster. But make sure to discuss your procedure and the treatment before doing so.

Tip #6

Try to stop eating candy and drinking soda. If you can, replace these bad habits with good ones, including eating more veggies and drinking plenty of water.

Tip #7

If a procedure becomes too painful, tell your dentist to stop for a moment so you can explain how you're feeling and where the pain is strongest. Your dentist will then be able to either numb the area more or try a different tactic.

When it comes to dental procedures, there is no reason to be nervous. Make your feelings known, be prepared and go to a highly skilled dentist twice a year.

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