4 Procedures from a Family Dentist

Posted on: January 16, 2019

A family dentist is just a dentist that can perform dental procedures on everyone in a person’s family – both adults and children. People often opt to visit a family dentist because they can get a more personable experience. A lot of people value having a long-term relationship with their dentists or doctors, and visiting a family dentist can provide just that.

However, some people may wonder if a family dentist performs different procedures then that of a general dentist does. It is good to know what a family dentist can and can’t do for a family so that anyone considering one can decide whether or not a family dentist is for them. Today, we will go over what a family dentist can do.

Procedures from a family dentist

1. Bi-yearly cleanings and checkups

A family dentist can provide everyone in the family with their bi-yearly cleanings and checkups. The family dentist can work with the children and the adults in the family so that everyone only has to visit one place at one time, twice per year. Visiting a family dentist provides added benefits because they are more aware of one’s family history if any problems arise. Family dentists are equipped with the traditional dental equipment needed to perform general cleanings and exams.

2. Dental fillings

Dental fillings have been one of the most common dental procedures for many years. They are the traditional method of treating a cavity and almost every dental office offers this service. A family dentist can provide a dental filling procedure to both children and adults. Visiting a family dentist for a dental filling is safe and can make the patient feel more comfortable having the procedure done by their own dentist.

3. Dental crowns and caps

Another common procedure that has been around for many years is that of dental crowns and caps. A person may need one or the other when they have a tooth that is badly damaged, decayed or worn down. Typically a crown or cap is needed when a filling isn’t sufficient enough. While a dental crown or cap does have to be sent off to a lab to be made, a family dentist is capable of placing the crown or cap upon receiving it back from the lab.

4. Extractions

Tooth extractions have been done by dentists for as long as dentistry has existed. They are the most common procedure done by dentists because there are always teeth needing to be pulled. A person with a decayed or tooth might need extraction as well as people who have mouths that can’t hold all of their teeth. A family dentist can do this both for children and adults.


Visiting a family dentist for general dental care is more than safe and can provide a more personable experience for the entire family. Family dentists are able to create long lasting relationships with their patients — these are often valued by most families. It’s good to know what procedures family dentists can do.

If you have more questions about family dentists and what they can do then reach out to us today. We’re happy to address any concerns that you might have.

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