Why You Need a Dental Cleaning in Canton

Dental cleanings in Canton help keep your teeth clean. But, they also have a significant impact on your oral health. That is because poor oral health has been linked to general health illnesses and diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and … Continued

How to Remedy Root Canal Pain

When people hear the words "root canal," they may immediately think of the hype that the media plays about how painful they can be. However, with recent advancements in dental technology root canals have become a common and highly beneficial … Continued

When do Dentists Recommend Oral Appliances?

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4 Procedures from a Family Dentist

A family dentist is just a dentist that can perform dental procedures on everyone in a person’s family – both adults and children. People often opt to visit a family dentist because they can get a more personable experience. A … Continued

Are Dentures in Your Future? These 5 Signs Say Yes

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Active Ingredients in Mouthwash and Rinses for Healthier Teeth

Mouthwash can be a great addition to a regular oral hygiene routine. This is because it is a fast, convenient and safe complement to regular brushing and flossing to promote healthier teeth. Remember that when starting a new oral hygiene … Continued

How to Get Teeth Whitening Results You Want

Teeth whitening is the act of removing surface stains on teeth and restoring the natural shade of your smile or bleaching to reach a desired shade. Stained teeth are most commonly caused by extrinsic factors, including nutritional deficiencies, consuming certain … Continued

5 Early Signs of Gum Disease

A study by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) revealed the grim facts that half of American adults suffer from gum disease. These statistics are quite unsettling even for those who strive to maintain great oral hygiene. Gum disease creeps … Continued

What is Tooth Restoration?

Tooth restoration is the branch of restorative dentistry that deals with restoring the functions and condition of the mouth as well as treatment of oral health issues. General dentists can perform many types of tooth restorations, depending on the nature … Continued

How to Find the Right Pediatric Dental Practice for Your Child

You need the services of a pediatric dental practice to make sure that your kid's teeth are well taken care of from the minute they pop up. The first few years of childhood are vital for physical growth and development … Continued