Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments & Trends

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most popular sectors of the dental world. There are many options in the dentistry world regarding cosmetic dentistry and a lot of trends that come in and out of style. Currently the most popular … Continued

7 Tips If You Are Nervous About Going to the Dentist

Everyone tends to be nervous about going to the dentist at one point. Being nervous is a healthy emotion. It shows that you care about your safety and comfort. Many people are afraid that they might experience pain at the … Continued

Do You Need Emergency Dental Treatment?

Did you recently knock your tooth out or have a tooth become damaged? You may need emergency dental treatment if this is the case. If you knock your tooth out completely, you could face nerve damage and other health-related issues.  … Continued

What Does It Mean When You Have Sensitive Teeth?

If someone talks about sensitive teeth, most people assume it means the teeth hurt when eating or drinking. Tooth sensitivity is another way of stating the dentin or root of the tooth is highly sensitive. In general, those who have … Continued

Reasons Why You Need to Regular Dental Visits

Taking care of the teeth and gums extends beyond regular brushing and flossing. Visiting with the dentist every six months is equally important. Dentists and dental hygienists have the specialized oral cleaning tools necessary to get people's teeth and gums … Continued

Dental Bonding Commonly Asked Questions

As we move into adult life, our lifestyle choices can take a toll on the health and looks of our teeth. As a result, we have to face embarrassment when we smile or laugh in front of people. Fortunately, we … Continued

Can Your Dentist Help You Have Straighter Teeth?

There are various branches of dentistry, and the one that deals with straightening teeth is called orthodontics, dentofacial orthopedics or Orthodontia. The general dentists usually take care of your regular appointments and make sure that your teeth are clean and … Continued

What Does It Mean To Have Your Dentures Relined?

Dentures have the potential to become less comfortable as time progresses, causing the need for a denture reline.  Give your dentures long enough and they will likely fit a little less comfortable than when first made. If this occurs, it … Continued

Is It Safe to Whiten Teeth?

There is plenty of talk as to whether the methods available to whiten teeth are actually safe.  Some argue at-home DIY teeth whitening products are particularly risky. Others argue all teeth whitening methods pose a risk. Below, we separate the … Continued

Baby Teething Remedies to Try at Home

Many new parents call our office hoping to find out about baby teething remedies to get through what can be a very difficult time. We understand how frustrating it can be for parents to watch their child suffer. Unfortunately, teething … Continued